In these flames of Plutonic necessity,  we are smacked right off our pedestal in one striking blow. I’ve seen it devastate many-a-ego.  Lets allow Jeff Green illuminate:

Pluto in the Fifth House or Leo: emotional shocks or trauma can occur to these individuals for the following causes:

1. When life conditions occur to totally defeat egocentric delusions of grandeur. This deflation of the ego creates an inner sense of loss. This loss is based in not being allowed to be at the center stage of life, of not being the self-appointed star of the play.

…like moving to the Big city, for the Big break, only to be Broken when you discover a thousand versions of your self; all of which are just as “good” or better than you at your given trade. Devastation follows, with a lose of purpose.
2. When life conditions occur in which these individuals feel an almost absolute powerlessness to change or alter how those life conditions are occurring. The awareness of “forces larger than themselves” creates the sense of an ego death until these individuals incorporate and align their egos with those forces. When this occurs creative change begins in very positive ways. These changes can lead to very creative expansions of the overall life purpose.

…like Superman falling off a horse, breaking his back, and being wheelchair bound; it’s an opportunity to see life from a varied angle–one, hopefully much different than the egocentric one which existed before.  Its all about being humbled in the face of God (whatever that looks like….Om?). Lol…
When Pluto transits the Fifth House, or forms stressful aspects through transit to the Sun, or the planetary ruler of the Fifth House, or to planets within the natal Fifth House these issues and subsequent traumas can occur.

Often-but not always-these folks will have an exeptional talent.  My brother has Pluto in the 5th opposing his Taurus Sun, and in his case, he was stripped from a full ride scholarship for golf at the most prestigious school in the country–essentially–because of his selfishness and need for a good time.  This trauma was absolutely devasting for not only him, but the whole family–especially his father (the Sun is father in the chart).  Now (and this is true for everyone who experiences this) he is flopping around in his own self delusion, wondering what exactly he is going to do with his life.  All the while, he holds onto a false reality of his past, thinking that he can go back, and somehow change things.  Sad really, yet necessary.  What is meant to eventually occur is a spark…and it turns Flame when they discover the next step:  removing themselves enough from their own little world, so they will be able to see the bigger picture, which creates a humbling effect, then heals.  The heart is then set right–filled with love and compassion.

Oh, eternal flame! Burn it away with your purifying flame! Hallelujah..