Def: (gr/am/pd)–A wandering person who is both connected and disconnected from the rest of the world, surviving due to the advances and advantages of sophisticated, modern technology.

2. a “homeless” person, who isnt quite homesless, but is “home free” using technology for the advancement of their Soul.

….Smart phones and their connection to the 3g networks are changing the way life can be lived on this planet.  As long as a connection exists between computer and network, anything is possible.  You can be in the middle of the jungle, at the foot of a volcanoe in Hawaii, and still communicate with the outside world; You can give a reading, or teach a class from the steps of a temple in Kathmandu; You can be virtually be anywhere on the planet, and still stay tuned.  On top of 3g networks, we are seeing the sprawl of WIFI networks across the globe, making life–on one level easier–on another, mysteriously more difficult. Techoculture is detached. Its a kind of anarchist realm of self delusion, totally ungrounded from the rules of our dense reality (Saturn). Rules of communication are constantely being redefined.  People who were once shy, are now popular socialites on their blooming blogs.  Saying what you really mean isnt as difficult through the techno web, maybe because the consequences are less extreme– they hardly even exist.  Use Facebook as an example: How many of your friends are actually your friends? How many have you ever met in the flesh? How would you define your relationship to them? Have you experienced appaling behavior in your inbox or on your wall and wondered why……What to make of this? Our emotional bodies become confused: electricity and water have a strange affinity.  We have always been warned about what happens when you lick your finger and stick it into the socket; well, what about your Mind? It is affecting organic life in ways we have never seen.  Some say the bees are going because of the electromagnetic radiation dancing through the atmosphere, while others will argue its pesticides and MonsantoOOo (the “spawn of Satan”).  Whatever your stance within this technocracy, you are affected.  You cannot hide.  The rate of change on the planet is increasing exponentially.  Novelty is increasing to such a degree, we can’t keep up.  Like a Juggernaught of Information, we can choose either to surf this static wave, or be taken under.

Astrologically, we are speaking of Jupiter/Uranus once again, but also the decade old mutual reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius (one could argue the timeline of this actually going all the way back to the last Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in 1990–the birth of the Internet).  We have yet to truly find out the health consequences of spending countless hours with our machines.  We are clueless to the repercussions of being a technobrat.  But one things for sure, we will all see eachother on the  beaches…washed ashore by Finnegans startling and nearly impossible Wake. I know my place ( I think?): its as a Techogypsy.  With my Iphone and Macbook, nothing is stopping this Dreamer (Neptune on the South Node, Sag).



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