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Exploring Astrology: #59….”the Solstice Eclipse”

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This show is dedicated to the Dec 21st 2010 Total Eclipse.  I attempt to illuminate all sides of this amazingly unique and major cosmic event.  It is a Full moOn, and its turning Red.  Pluto is watching close from the shadows, Mars is hardly looking back, Mercury is on a magic carpet with his hair blown back by solarwinds, and Jupiter/Uranus square the Eclipse from Pisces, bringing lots of potentials for Great Change and Opportunity– but not without great challenges. There will always be a challenge…ain’t that right.
…  Listen to this show if you want to know more about the upcoming Eclipse. To be informed is to be forwarned…

sOma (search the Podcast page for the show!)

Brew the late night Drinks!!! “The Solstice Eclipse”

…an Eclipse is coming.

This Eclipse is special for a bah-gillion reasons, but most importantly, for all of you living in or around the North American continent, you will be able to view it–that is, if you can stay up or wake up in the middle of the night for it.  If you are planning on viewing this cosmic spectacle, the image attached shows the best viewing times:

Also, I will be podcasting on the subject this weekend. So stay tuned for the release of the 59th installment of the Exploring Astrology podcast.  There will also be upcoming interviews with Eric Meyers and Verdarluz in the coming weeks–including the 2nd part of the Venus cycle show (she has been pushed aside, due to the immanence of the important Eclipse [sorry Venus!]

Stay strong, stay loving, and stay up for this Amazing event!!!


If you are interested in how this Eclipse is affecting you, contact me for an Eclipse reading before Monday night!!! All donation based this time around!

the Mercury Rx

…it is the 4th day of the 4th retrogradation cycle of Mercury.  The year is 2010.  He is now at 5 degrees Capricorn, planning his trip back into Sagittarius.

Mercury retrograde is funny to me.  It’s one of those Astrological events that lots of non-Astrologer’s are aware of–much like the Saturn return or their Sun sign.  Mercury retro humors me because all the “textbook”  interpretations you hear about it are actually true.  I remember first reading about this phenomena when I was around 20.  The next day, my computer crashed (WIndows virus!).  And so it lingered and continued–on and off–throughout the years; I would both be noticing and sometimes ignoring his cycles.  As my Astrological practice deepened, and the more I watched Mercury, the more I understood.  He was making me smart.  I learned to Backup my hard drive–in more than one place; I started fixing my car–or at least getting it tuned up–before the cycles would start, I would also “unconsciously” start cleaning/reorganizing my life: my house, my computer, my clothes, my guitar, my notes, my songs, my entire wOrld!!! This time around (since Friday) it has been even more pronounced.  It actually began in his Shadow (see Image below) for me, when the energy started inspiring me and changing everything.  But when he actually went retrograde, it was hardly short of hilarious! My backups were disappearing, my computer was failing, the car was in the shop with spendy repairs, and my alarm died in the middle of the night, forcing me to miss an important reading the next morning–and this was only the tip.  Like I was saying, this is Mercury’s 4th retrograde of 2010.  Usually, Mercury only goes retro 3x for around 3 weeks.  This cycle is unique, no doubt……for a few reasons:

1. He Stationed (appeared to stop moving) at 5 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Pluto/Northnode/Mars. This is significant Why? This is the signature that is Destroying our world–inside and out–so that it can be born anew. He paid a visit and will be back, but for now, he must report to the Galaxy’s birth canal, in the hope he will be rewarded with copious amounts of Spiritual manna to make it back through the “hell hole” (Pluto/NN) in mid January, when the whole cycle ends.

2. He will pass the Sun on the 20th (day befor the Eclipse) at 27 Sag “the Center of the Milky way galaxy.” This is the Source of all Cosmic energy in our neck of the Universe. It’s Inspiration, Divine calling, and the Muse whispering softly in your ear.

3. He will also square Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces on the 22nd (day after the Eclipse).  Jupiter rules over Sag and is the facilitator for these Cosmic downloads. Palaver with the Guru–the one behind the curtain.

4. He will move forward again–going Direct–just before the New Year on the 3oth at 19 Sag, very close to “the Great Attractor.” Terence Mckenna talked about “the Great Attractor” as this vortex or Event Horizon, that looms at the End of History.  Not the End of the world, the End of history.(kinda like Time–at least our version of it).

...the Great Attractor, the Center of the Milky Way galaxy, and Mercury reconfiguring his Mental circuits.  What might this mean?  How does it affect me? Does it mean I will become Enlightened or learn something new about my place in the Cosmos?


When Mercury is Retrograde–or any planet for this matter–he is resetting his Mental focus.  This means that our Interests can change.  It also means we will start seeing “things” from a slightly different vantage point. The goal is to See where we are going wrong–skimming over the details–and then to become inspired to cultivate the necessary cognitive awareness for those “skipped steps” we may have missed yesterday, and the day before.  It is my hope that by the end of this Mercury retrograde cycle–with the arrival of the New Year–brings profound awareness to where we have become rusty.  If you are reading this it means you are into Astrology.  This cycle could represent the arrival of new heights within your Astrological understanding; it also could represent the calling to take your study of the Science/Art more seriously.  It is my hope that whatever the Inspiration, you pay heed, and drink it’s every drop.

….The mercurial nectar is dripping from the stars; Pay heed!

If you are interested in the implications of this transit in your own chart, I am offering sliding scale Readings for the Holiday season…



Lunar Returns

….every month, the moOn returns to its natal position in your chart. When this happens, you just had your Lunar return. Cast the cast, and open the Lunar Doors of Perception.

When it comes right down to it, Lunar returns are one of the most effectual ways of learning Astrology. They offer the curious Astrologer an intimate monthly map, showing all the feelings and experiences that are lined up for the month ahead. Instead of attempting to predict your month ahead (so the same with any return chart) I have found it more useful to simply cast it, put it into a Word document, and then journal with it throughout the month. As an example, the moOn just transited past Pluto/North node/Mercury yesterday in Capricorn, and depending on where this lies in your Lunar return chart, you should have experienced mental intensity and a lust for wanting to learn something new. (Of course, there are many other attributes to this transit, I just giving one small example). In your journal, you would mark the transit, and journal about the experience, and your days unfoldment. I also find that adding dreams is quite helpful.

Useful information for Lunar return charts:

1. They can be casted with Solar Fire or (though I’m not 100% with Astro). If you don’t know how, contact me, and we can set something up.

2. The Ascendant and its ruler including the moOn and its House placement plus Aspects are what are most important with this Chart.

3. Keep a journal.

4. At the end of the Month, reread your journal, carefully matching up the movement of the moON throughout the chart. Become amazed!!!

Also, if you would like a jump into this uber-potent means of studying your chart, and your Psyche, I’m offering sliding scale holiday readings for everyone interested.




Aloria Weaver: Om

Join me, for the first part–of the two part series–of the Venus cycle, where we will unlock the astrological meanings of “Morning Star Venus” and “Evening Star Venus.” I will also cover Retrogradation and other attributes of her drop dead gorgous, 5 point star cycle.  I also talk more about Transits today (Dec 5, New MoOn Sag), in light of many comments I have received over the past months from listeners desiring to hear more on the cosmic weather..  Listen if you desire to be informed about the current Sky, the Cosmic eye. I hope you enjoy.

namaste….. (The show can be found on the Podcast page!!!)
Music: Xavier Rudd: Woman Dreaming

Art: Autumn Skye: Timeless keepers

An Astrology Reading….

….is waiting for you. 

I am offering Sliding scale Readings through the holiday season.  In preparation for Mercury going Retrograde for his last time of the year on the 11th through New Years Eve, I feel its a wonderful time to either recieve or give a reading to a loved one. An Astrology Reading can be a great Holiday gift.  A perfect way to start the New year–with fresh perspective and inspiration to carry us through the fresh year ahead.

I offer:

Natal Chart: Your chart. Past, Present, and Future.

Synastry: Relationships

Electional: Choosing the best time to do “something.”

Horary: Have a question? Ask me, and I will cast a Horary chart.  Like Tarot or the I Ching, but with Astrology

and Astrocartography Readings: Find out where on Earth is best for you to be–right now!….

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namaste my friends.



Transit of the day: Venus and Mercury “Zero for eyes”

The day is Dec 1st, of the year 2010.  Mercury and Venus both moved into new signs today: Mercury into Capricorn; Venus into Scorpio (the thunderstuck part of the zodiac where she began her retrogradation cycle, nearly two months ago).  They will be walking in this Sextile aspect (60 degrees of seperation) until Dec 10, 2010, when Mercury goes retrograde for his unique 4th (and last) time of the year, until just before New Years Eve, going Direct at 19 Sagittarius. So….oOo….what does it mean? Is it special? If so, how special? Why? And, of course: How does it apply to me…? Well……:

Venus uniqueness:

She began the beginning of her cycle on Oct 9, when she went Retrograde, passing the Sun in the process, beginning her Morning star phase, going Direct at 27 Libra on the 18h of November (don’t miss her at Sunrise).  Venus goes Retro evey 19 months, and is the beginning of her journy to the Underworld–relfecting, reevaluating, reconfiguring her entire set of values and what she considers beautiful and worthy in her life.  Relationships play a big part.  I’m sure–if it wasnt you, then it was someone close to you–who experienced relationship trauma during this cycle.  It’s a healthy symptom of the transit, it makes us stronger.  When Venus locks down in lotus, and begins her meditation, most often there is a realization about our partners, and how they arent meeting our Needs.  This is the root cause of all our Hearts turmoil in the past few months. Venus reflecting.  If you remained with your significant Other, there is no doubt–that right now–you are soaring in newer greater heights than before.  This is what happens when she turns Direct (Nov 19).  Her Needs become certain (….she stands, and blows out the candle).

…..Venus just entered back into Scorpio–the sign it all began in. Scorpio is the realm of unconscious energies (entities) who are attempting to take over our lives through our emotions.  They represent: hidden desires, emotional trauma, obsessions, unhealthy attachments, sex, debt, and death.  When working with the Scorpionic, it takes all we’ve got.  Courage. Fearlessness. An Open and watchful Heart. Now that she is back–returning from Libra (where our relationships were really tested)–she now sees with fresh, tear cleansed eyes.  Our Hearts have been re-awoken.  So, for all of you reading this, “Don’t worry….we don’t know enough to worry; everything is working out perfectly–with your Lovers and with Yourself.” The tides of Love and Love lost have crashed in.  You can now ready yourself for better days.  Days filled with moments pregant ecstasy. The Great Easter Sun…and Venus.

The Mercurial edge to this Story:

Mercury just moved into Capricorn–just two degrees away from the transiting North Node , and only 4 from Pluto.  Pluto conjunct the Northnode represents the core atomic power of destruction which has been happening in the world–inside and out of us–for nearly the past year.  This vital combination (Pluto/Nn) is challenging all life on planet earth to rebuild and rewrite the scripts of our lives.  Capricorn represents Society, the Man, and Integrity.  In a Big World way, this transit is what we are worried about: the Economy, the Enviroment, our Jobs.  In our day to day, they bring great change and emphasis on the structure of our lives.  I believe they are assisting all of us to be more Integral beings, filled with Honor and Strength.  No lies, no deciet, just living in accordance with Natural law–Divine law. And now, Mercury is involved, asking the questions. Hopefully, learning of all the best ways in which we can assist in this slow and steady Transformation on planet Earth.  Mercury will stay in Capricorn until Dec 10th (6 degrees Cap), then go retro until New Years, at  19 Sag, heading back towards where he Stationed Retrograde at 6 degrees Capricorn on the 18th of January. These are important days–revisting days. Ask the Big questions, learn what your heart and Spirit is longing for most, go after it. Make time! Mercury, the Messenger of Gods, the only planet with enough wit and cunning, to enter Pluto’s world and still return unscatched, is allowing us to enter the deepest, most hidden and profound areas of our Minds this month. He is gathering the information needed, and then soaring like a eagle across the Galactic Center of our Galaxy (27-28 Sag) throughout the Retrogradation, bringing to our Minds all we need to know.  Whether we pay attention is another matter.  This coming Mercury retrograde is going to be a psychedelic one–lets snot doubt that.  Meditate. Write. Read. Go deeper with Astrology.  Never a better time! Don’t miss the Signs–they are Everywhere!!!!

Together: (Venus/Mercury)

Having affirmed our Essential Needs throughout the Venus retro period, and with Mercury now in Hell’s playground (Pluto/NN Cap) soon to turn retro himself, the change we are waiting for has arrived.  The Sextile Venus and Mercury are making to eachother right now is Exciting, Informative, and no short of Inspirational.  It’s good for Art, its better for Love.  So create, do some practice, sit with yourself, and make sure you get some good lovin’! I believe the cosmos.  No timepeice could ever compare to the perfection and impeccable timing of the planets and stars.  Happy New Love my friends. You deserve it.

Wanna know how this Transit affects your chart…? Email me and we can set up a Reading….

Long days and pleasant nights…



Art: Autumn Skye: Time Keepers

Venus/Mars journal…”Stand open”

In love, we are protecters of eachothers solitude”


…and I would add: …  Hearts!

On oct 7th, on the Libra New Moon, Venus and Mars were conjunct in mid Scorpio. Venus then slid all the way back to Libra and Mars carried on (going forward), heading for the Great Attractor and to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  Venus wasnt confident in her sense of Self. Plus, her relationships were having problems, needing to be tested and reworked.  This caused many breakups within humanity.  It also caused many new ones to form.  And for those who stuck with it, new vistas blazed. When Venus went direct last friday (the 19th of Nov) –just before the Taurus Full Moon– all that was hidden was revealed.  Our shadows in ourselves and in our relationships, were destroyed by the light of the Taurus Full moOn.  The change we were waiting for arrived. Venus and Mars blessed humanity. Oh, Disguise…Oh Pain….Oh, Discordia, why must you lie to us.

Venus and Mars will reunite this spring in the signs of Aries and Taurus. From the  around 21th till the 25th of May, they will be holding hands from 7-11 degrees Taurus, walking side by side, telling their stories. It all happens from Scorpio to Taurus (starting with Venus going retro on October 8th, reuniting in late May in Taurus), from one side of the zodiac to the next, complete transformation unfurls and solidification curls, in us and with our mates. Change, the unbelievable weave of Love.  See it, feel it, ride it for what it is: the ocean of love and hate, male and female,  you and me, anima/animus, yin and yang.  May your search for perfect balance be a sacred one.

Currently, I’m offering Relationship readings for the same rate as a Natal chart reading. Sound good? Send me an email, and we can illuminate this Love in your life.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,




Art by Martina Hoffman “title unknown…to me”;

(in response the many suggestions on bringing more Transits into both the blog and podcast, I would like to introduce “Transit of the Day.” When I’m not doing topic related posts, I will be blogging specific transits. Sound good?).

Venus went retrograde on the 9th of October at 13 Scorpio. This annual experience–of Venus appearing to move backwards in the sky–creates a backward spiral within us too. Old relationships emerge, forgotten faces come back into lives, vital ones (thank God for Facebook), and our relationships are tested–bank accounts too.  Its a time of “going back” to what is either missed or unfinished.  Venus retro in Scorpio brings up all our unconscious fears we have of abandonment, being alone, and fessing up to our own “f*cked up sh*t.” She implodes our awareness directly to the source of our problems, no questions asked.  This particular retrograde experience has been special for two main reasons:

1. Venus went all the way into Libra (her own sign) this retrogradation cycle, a sign in which Saturn currently resides.  Venus is the lord of Saturn, and now they share the same Sign.  What does this mean? It only strengthens the already challenging experience of Venus retrograde; it makes it more “serious” perhaps–for all Libran content considered. Personally, I have been witnessing great peril in relationships.  People are breaking up.  I guess its inevitable when we are forced against our wills (this transit) to reassess much of who we are.  Venus relates to our Value systems.  And so, this reevaluation of what we deem important in our lives is on the table –so to speak. As far as relationships are concerned: if you are brave enough to make it “work,” “Make it work.” The challenge is great, but you can do it.  For all those who feel they need to flee, Flee, its probably right.  There are new dynamics dawning for all of us.  When Venus goes Direct tomorrow (27 Libra) I feel all us will be seeing Beauty in our lives we were missing today.  New eyes for our Love and Money.

2. The Scorpio New moON we are currently riding out (it was on the 5th of Nov.) occurred within 2 degrees of where Venus went Retrograde.  This is an interesting point.  Its as if Venus dropped a crumb–something the Sun and moON would recognize-so that we would be able to track her down.  She was kidnapped by Scorpio (Pluto/Hades).  (Sounds a bit like a certain Myth I know….[ie. abduction into the Underworld, spring and fall…..]).  So, the New moOn was our chance to begin the search for Venus: the source of all Beauty in our lives. It was our chance to under-mind the worst parts of our personality, and transform them into productive perennial flowerings. The Full moOn is on Sunday.  Prepare yourselves for this overflowing experience of a Taurus Full mOOn. Watch closely, and celebrate. The MOon nectar is rising. Beauties abound.

Sweet sweet Venus, reveal your Truth for all the world to see…

…inspired by Venus?…. wanna go deeper with this material in your own chart? Ask me for a Reading, I won’t say no–I promise.

namaste my friends,


art: the prodigal daughter by Autumn Skye


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